Aura Zebra Jasper Point #2994


Aura Zebra Jasper Point

A beautiful Aura Zebra Jasper Point is such a pretty piece. You have the beautiful black, grey and white marble effect with a rainbow splash of colour. A great piece to add to your collection

Aura Zebra Jasper is high vibrational with a whimsical energy! Aura Zebra Jasper is comprised of Zebra Jasper that is bonded with precious metals like platinum, gold, and silver. It expands the consciousness and heals the physical and spiritual bodies. You will feel a sense of optimism and joy that rejuvenates your soul. Aura Zebra Jasper removes negativity and brings a pureness to both the mind and the heart!

Zebra Jasper holds the energy of balance and unites the masculine and feminine energies—Yin and Yang. It also balances the chakras. Working with this powerful manifestation tool to allow your dreams to become your reality. Zebra Jasper allows you to be more optimistic, despite any of life’s challenges. This is a very grounding crystal that tunes you into the energy of Mother Earth! Like other Jaspers, Zebra Jasper is found all over the world and has been used since antiquity. But, unlike much jasper which is spotted, this variety of jasper marble is striped. Jasper, an opaque chalcedony, comes in a wide variety of colors, each with unique patterning.

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Please note : Due to the nature of the crystals, each crystal is subject to slight variations. However, they are all unique in their natural form. Crystal products may contain slight imperfections such as cracks, druzy pockets or vugs.
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