Fairy Magic- A Handbook of Enchanting Spells,Charms and Rituals #4841


Learn how to communicate and interact with all kinds of fairies, elves, and natural spirits to amplify your magic with Fairy Magic.

Tap into the wild spirits of the forest with Fairy Magic‘s glossary of spells and intuitive guidance on communing and honoring the fay folk. Natural (and powerful) magical spirits are all around us. Fairy, faery, or Fay (fairies, faeries, or fays) include an infinite variety of mythical creatures and serves as an umbrella term describing a wide array of spirits usually associated with nature. These woodland creatures can help you navigate life when you harness their fairy knowledge, magical powers, and inspiration. An intuitive guide on how to connect with these creatures alongside descriptions of regional lore for the different types of fay play give you a comprehensive introduction to these magical folks. In Fairy Magic, learn first how to recognize the presence of fairies in your life. Then learn how to interact with these spirits to:

– Learn how to encounter other nature spirits like elves and gnomes
– Use fairy magic to perform divination practices
– Learn what fairies know about forests, flowers, and fauna, and how to bring their knowledge into your fairy practice
– How to use the powers of forest animals in conjunction with fairies

In addition, find 50 spells on how to apply fairy magic to:

– Influence dreams
– Attract friendship and love
– Interpret nature
– Bring success and fortune

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