Metal Cauldron – Tree of Life 11cm #6298


Cauldrons are a great item to have. they are great smudging, cleansing and burning flower and herb mixes along with rein incense.

  • Burn loose incense herbs with charcoal discs positioned in the middle of your cauldron.
  • Incense cones are extremely simple to use with a cauldron as well. Set the cone inside your cauldron and light the tip.
  • If you have incense sticks, light the end and let the smoking end rest gently at the bottom of your cauldron.
  • Burning Sage sticks and Palo Santo sticks.

For all these incense burning options, you can leave your cauldron in one place (like your altar) to burn or hold your cauldron by the handle and go from room to room for smoke cleansing rituals. Because incense smoke can be very strong, make sure you properly ventilate the area and do not light incense around children or pets who might be sensitive to smoke.

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