Skull Crystal Carvings- Medium-Various Crystals #5814


Beautiful medium skull carvings, so many inclusions. popular amongst crystal collectors. These are groovy pieces and would look great in anyone`s collection.

Sodalite: meaning comes from its contained mineral, sodium-rich magmas and it’s called the blue “Logic Stone” for its ability to clear the mind and bring out deep thought.

Rose Quartz: Rose Quartz is the stone of unconditional love. It is one of the most important stones for Heart Chakra work; as it opens that heart to all types of love.

Lepilodolite: Lepidolite is known for encouraging a sense of calm and tranquillity during times of tension and chaos.

Dream Amethyst: Dream amethyst crystal is said to be excellent for promoting healthy and loving relationships.

Clear Quartz: Clear quartz is a great crystal and can assist  with the ability to enhance mental clarity and can help with emotional stability.

Howlite: Howlite is a calming stone, Howlite calms communication, facilitates awareness and encourages emotional expression.

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Sodalite, Rose Quartz, Lepilodite, Dream Amethyst, Clear Quartz, Howlite


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